September payment 2018

These areas are to be included in the September payment 2018.

The information on this page is preliminary and may be changed up until the payment date September 14.

Please read the news and additional notes that concern the September payment.

The following areas are included in the march distribution:
Livebackground music, online, support, international, library.


Background Music



News and additional notes

New dates for payments from Spotify and YouTube

New technical developments affect the distribution process regarding royalties from streaming services. Therefore, during a transition period, we will introduce a new periodicity for Spotify and YouTube payments.

Cinema Royalties

We have a new licensing agreement with the Swedish cinema industry (Svenska Biografägarförbundet) and in September we will make payments for the first time. Cinema showings during the whole of 2017 are included, but note that it is possible more reports will be added later.

Payment of Unlogged Live Music, MEM Subsidies and Publisher Subsidies

In 2017, we introduced a new model to ensure a more accurate distribution. We changed the process from an approximated quarterly payment to a more accurate annual payout, in September each year. Payment of economic support to publishers is included in the September 14th distribution.

Royalties from Viaplay will soon be paid

We plan to start distributing royalties from Viaplay in December 2018 now that we have the newly signed agreement with Viaplay. The agreement extends from 2012 onwards and we will begin making payments for clearly defined periods. As this is a new agreement we shall need to secure all processes and ensure works are matched correctly. Further retroactive payments from Viaplay will be added to future royalty distributions.

The tax issue in Germany is about to be resolved

The lengthy process of delayed payments from GEMA is about to be resolved. The German tax office has for a while taxed remunerations collected in Germany, prior to the money being paid to STIM. The effect would be double taxation, as the Swedish tax office collects taxes on royalties. The new development is that tax is not to be deducted in Germany on the income of STIM members. We are optimistic that our request for repayment of the tax deducted from STIM royalties during the period July 2015 - June 2018 will be granted. And also that this will include a tax exemption in the future.

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