Theatre Music

This refers to music that is not specially composed for the performance, i.e. music used for effect, during intervals, in connection with changing scenes or as intermission music. STIM is unable to give permission for music that is specially composed for theatre plays because this involves Grand Rights.

Listed as Distribution Category 07 in the royalty statement from STIM.

Where does the money come from?

The theatre producer pays royalties to STIM.

How is the music reported?

Music reports are submitted by the theatre producer.

How is the money distributed?

The sums generated by the individual performances are distributed between the music reported.

When is the money paid?

Twice a year (June and December). Each payment includes what was performed during the previous six months.  

How can I file a claim/complaint?

Complete the form "Liveframf√∂randen i Sverige" (Live performances in Sweden) under the Claim tab in your web service. A claim must be filed within three months of receiving the royalty information from STIM.