Pay per stream values for online and broadcasting in September 2018

When your music is played on radio and TV, you get reimbursement from STIM for every aired minute. For streaming services however, you will receive a fixed amount when your song has been played for at least 30 seconds.

The streaming values presented below relates to the STIM distriubution in August and September 2018. The amount varies between the various radio stations, TV channels and streaming services.


Spotify Premium: 1,3 öre for one listening

Spotify Free: 0,20 öre for one listening

0,66 öre for one view during Jan-Mar 2017
0,79 öre for one view during Apr-Jun 2017

The streaming value for Spotify is directly related to the Swedish version av the streaming service.

In the September payment we can display the value for the distribution category Contemporary Classical Music, since no other category with a "value for one played minute" is included in this payment. Please see the attachment at the bottom of this page.

Radio and TV is not included in September, but you may find the latest value for those categories on our overview of the June 2018 payment.