Nyhet10 October 2017
We have improved and secured more exact royalty distributions by implementing changes in three distribution categories.

MEM Subsidies, Publisher Subsidies, and royalties for Unlogged Live Music will now be paid out once per year in September. This will make it clearer and easier to understand exactly which categories you are being compensated for when you receive the payments. 

The background to the change is that previously, payments have been made quarterly, ie. four times a year and these payments have been based on a forecast of the number of works that are included in the distribution. The exact total number of works available can in fact only be accessed in September each year. Plus the fact that the size of the total amount to be paid is only available at the end of the financial year, in the Spring. In order to achieve a correct and fair distribution, STIM's Board has decided that the payment for these three distribution categories will in future be made once a year, in September.

Please contact the Sevices Dept with any questions.