We fight for copyright!

STIM:s mission is to make sure that music creators get paid fairly when their music is played.

What is STIM?

Stim is a copyright organization with more than 90,000 affiliated music makers and music publishers. Our objective is a strong copyright legislation to ensure that those who we represent are being paid when their music is played. Stim is a non-profit organization with an interest in the sustainability and diversity of Swedish music life, which distinguishes us from other more market oriented organizations. A license with Stim provides access to a world-class repertoire – music that brings feelings, creates identity and togetherness. 

Music has a value!


Working at STIM

We are looking for curious people that are triggered by progress and changes.

Come work with us!

Visit STIM's career page at Teamtailor and read about our current vacancies. We also recommend you to connect with us on Facebook, Linkedin or via e-mail to be notified as soon as new jobs are available.

Press releases

For press releases, videos and other important issues, visit our press room.

Press contact

Erik Torstensson
08-783 95 65