Enjoy the music!

A Stim licence grants you the freedom to utilise all the music in the world to create dynamic, uplifting experiences. 25,000 business operations already got their licences – it’s time for you to join them.

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Music enhances any experience. Research shows that the right music can promote sales and stronger brand awareness. In addition, music affects how your staff members feel about their place of work. So don’t leave music to chance.

Stim’s music licence

… gives you the freedom to choose whatever music you like – from current top hits to seasonal classics. Music that suits your brand, your customers and your staff perfectly, every time.

Stim is a non-profit member organisation. The money you pay for your licence is paid out to songwriters and composers. As a Stim customer, you help us create a thriving environment for Swedish music makers and the local music industry.

This is how to do it:

Get your license

Before you start playing music in a business or professional environment, get your licence from Stim – either by replying to our written query, or by contacting us yourself.

Play your favorites

From now on, you can go ahead and play any music you like, from anywhere in the world – while making sure its composers and creators get paid for their work.

Be accountable

If you manage a business such as a hotel, a radio station or a live music production company, you’ll need to account for the music you’ve used. We will contact you when it’s time to do this, and you’ll need to reply even if you haven’t played any music.

Enjoy the music!

And be proud that you’re now a part of the global network that makes sure songwriters get paid for their work. Thanks to you and other Stim licence holders, they can keep creating amazing music for you and your customers.


Every year, Stim donates SEK 30 million to projects that promote music, including grants.

We’ll give you access to a global music treasure

Music can be an important part of your brand and create the atmosphere you want. Be it on the shop floor, in a restaurant, or before the band begins to play at a music venue. Behind every song you hear, there’s a songwriter (or sometimes several). Our work is based on copyright regulations and our main goal is to help songwriters, composers and music publishers – but having said that, we’re also here for you! Welcome to a world of music.