Library Remuneration

Government funds in Sweden which remunerate copyright holders for CD's that are borrowed from libraries.

Listed as Distribution Category 18 in the royalty statement from STIM.

Where does the money come from?

The Swedish government pays royalties to STIM.

How is the music reported?

Information regarding what has been borrowed from libraries is submitted by the Swedish Authors' Fund. The remuneration is based on the number of CDs and cassettes tapes that have been borrowed.   

How is the money distributed?

For Swedish pieces which appear on CDs and cassettes borrowed from libraries. Library remuneration is only distributed to Swedish authors since it is paid by the Ministry of Culture as a subsidy. This remuneration is  the result of public law, and is not based on copyright where everyone within the EEC is treated equally (see Private Copying Levy).  

When is the money paid?

Once a year (June). The payment includes what was borrowed two years previously.  

How can I file a claim/complaint?

It is not possible to file a complaint since royalties are based on a concrete list.