Subsidised Concerts (Contemporary Classical Music)

Government subsidised concerts with Contemporary Classical Music to which the audience comes solely to listen to music, for example in a concert hall.

Listed as Distribution Category 01 in the royalty statement from STIM.

Where does the money come from?

Concert promoters.

How is the music reported?

Responsible organisers, artists, concert promoters, music creators and music publishers send music reports or programmes to STIM.  

How is the money distributed?

According to the music reports in the category. Remuneration is determined by the size of the premises: large concert (over 500 seats) and small concerts (less than 500 seats).  

When is the money paid?

Four times a year (March, June, September and December). Each payment includes what was performed during the previous six months.

How can I file a claim/complaint?

Log into My Pages and complete the form  "Liveframf√∂randen i Sverige" (Live performances in Sweden) under Claim. A claim must be filed within three months of receiving the royalty information from STIM.