Nyhet18 May 2021
Today, STIM’s mobile app is being released for Android and Huawei smartphones. The STIM app gives creators full access to royalty data and offers a user friendly experience. It has never been easier to find out where and when your music was played, and how much money you have earned.

This winter, the app was launched for Iphone users, and we are happy to announce that Android and Huawei users are treated with the exact same features. So if you have not done it already, download the STIM app now.

The app gives STIM’s songwriters a unique and transparent view of their royalties with information about streams, radio plays, record sales, and much more. For music listened to in Sweden as well as other countries, all over the world. You will also see the details of when and where your music was performed live, and by who. No matter how or where your music has been listened to, the STIM app offers an almost complete royalty statement, matched by few others.

To be able to use the app you need to be affiliated with STIM and be the owner of an Iphone, Android device or Huawei phone. If you have received at least one payment from STIM since 2013 you have access to all the features available in the app.

STIM’s mobile app is a collaboration with our songwriters, who have provided us with useful feedback and creative thoughts during the entire process. The songwriter and artist Yaeger, who has been part of developing the app says:

– To be able to see my income from STIM in this new way makes it easier to estimate my value and avoid the risk selling myself short.

Download the STIM app

Thoughts or questions? Please send us an e-mail, [email protected].