Nyhet21 November 2020
Today, STIM, the Swedish Collecting Society, launches its very first mobile app, offering songwriters and composers full access to their royalty data.

We are delighted and proud to present this app which we have developed in close collaboration with our songwriters, says Lina Heyman, Head of Rightsholder Relations at STIM.

STIM makes sure that members are paid when their music is performed, streamed, played in public or used in tv and film globally. The app gives STIM-affiliated songwriters a unique overview of all those royalty streams. It also offers a brand new feature that presents where, when and which songs have been performed at live concerts.

– In a music industry that is complex and constantly changing it is crucial to have a transparent overview of one’s income as a songwriter. The STIM App gives our members easy and full access to their royalty data, says Lina Heyman.

– To be able to see my income from STIM in this new way makes it easier to estimate my value and avoid the risk selling myself short, says songwriter and artist Yaeger, who has been part of developing the app.

– You’re finally getting quick access to information without having to go through lots of numbers that are hard to find and understand, says songwriter and producer Johan ’Jones’ Wetterberg, who has also been involved in developing the app.   

The first launch of the app features: transparent overview of royalty data, worklist and newsfeed.

About the app
The app is available in Swedish (english version is planned for 2021) as a free download in App Store for all STIM-affiliated songwriters.