Frequently asked questions about reporting performances in Sweden

STIM launched a new web service for reporting performances in 2016. On this page we answer some frequently asked questions.

Please read the questions before you start reporting your performances. It can be extra valuable if you used the old web service, since a couple of the questions below adress the difference between the new and the old web service.

If you are uncertain as to why  it's so important that you report your performances to STIM, then please read how STIM works step by step.

Frequently asked questions about the web service "Report performance"

When I report in the new web service, all my previously used organizers, venues, addresses have disappeared. Why?

If STIM has previously processed your reports, then the addresses for your registered organizers and venues are saved in the web service. However, please be observant as to how you state the name - if "Hotell Linköping" returns no hits, you might well get hits on "Linköping Hotell". If you experience an organizer or a venue is still missing, it might be because we have identified your organizer or venue, but by another name. It might also be because the legal name differs from a name more commonly used.

I don't reach my repertoire when I'm reporting. Why?

It might be because you're reporting for a new artist, that you didn't have the authority to report for in the old web service. Please inform us which artist you want to report for by contacting us, and we'll make sure the artist gets connected to you and the repertoire will follow.

I don't have the email address or any other contact info for the organizer of the show. How do i proceed?

Contact info for the organizer is mandatory in the new web service. The reason is that we need to get crucial information about your performance in order for us to speed up the administration and payment of royalties. If you don't have the contact info for the organizer please state for instance "unknown" to proceed with the report.

I had more performances with status "Royalties collected" in the old web service then I have in the current web service. Why is that?

In the old web service such a perfomance was listed under another name. But that included perfomances without amounts, i e where we hadn't got paid yet. The new status "Royalties collected", however, shows events where the organizer has in fact paid STIM for it. We recommend that you start with these reports and then proceed with the performances you've had during the last time period.

I can't add cover songs in my report - How do I do it?

You can search among all the worlds music through the green button "All works" and then "extended search". Just don't forget to state at least one rights holder! Through our web service you search a registry of several millions of songs, so limiting your search is important. If you still can't find the right song, click "Create new work" and enter the works title and rights holders, and STIM will search the right song when we process your report.

I get an error message when entering the postal code, despite the fact it is correct. Why? And what's the correct format for the different fields?

That's because you probably copied the postal code from another web page. Sometimes that adds a space character, and that is not an approved character. Try deleting the whole text field and enter the number digit by digit instead.

These where the most frequently asked questions. Now you just need to login to My pages and start reportong your performances. If you have any other questions about the web service, or wish to give us feedback, please contact us