More about music reporting

To receive the royalties you are entitled to, you must register all public performances and concerts with STIM, so make sure you've made a note of what songs were played at each performance.

Public performances

"Public" refers to performances  in places such as restaurants, bars, recreation centres, hospitals and care homes, town squares and parks, corporate functions and churches.

Non-public performances

Private performances such as at weddings, christenings and funerals are not counted as public performances and should therefore not be reported to STIM.


You should not only report your own songs that you play, but also cover songs. It is permitted to play other people's music live, provided they have already been offically performed live before and you do not change the music or lyrics without the authors' consent.

International live performances

You do not need to notify us when your music is performed live abroad, in most cases we will have information on these performances from STIM's counterpart in the country where your music was performed. Read more about performances abroad.

Sometimes the concert promoter submits a music report

For art music, chamber or orchestral music, the concert promoter is obliged to report the performed repertoire. It is enough simply to send in a programme if one is available.  

For performances in Sweden involving foreign artists and groups, the concert promoter is obliged to submit the repertoire to STIM.

Do you have any questions about music reports for live music? Please contact our administrator at [email protected] 
+46 (0)8-783 95 70.