Live Music

Music creators are entitled to compensation when their music is played live. For us to be able to send money to the right authors, we need to know that the show took place, as well as what music was played.

Register your playlists via STIM's web services

If you have a live show, you can provide us with the information on which songs you played and who was the organizer of the concert in "My pages". We call this the music reporting. Your music's report is very important to ensure that the right person will recieve oayment. Learn more about music reporting.

Become a music reporter

You do not need to be connected to STIM to be a music reporter, all musicians that play live are welcome to submit their track lists.

Do you want to arrange a live concert?

If you are planning to organize a concert or a music festival, here is information about the kind of music license required to do so.

Modified conditions regarding "dansbandsmusik"

From 1 January 2016, events with "dansbandsmusik" are to be priced according to the price list for concerts and live performances.