Report live shows

Creators are entitled to royalties when their music is played live. STIM needs to be informed of which music has been played in order to forward royalties to the right author.

Register your set lists via STIM's Internet service

If you perform live - your own songs or someone else's - you can provide information about which songs you played and who organised the concert via "My Pages". We refer to this as "music reporting". Your music report is very important in terms of ensuring that the right person is remunerated. Read more about music reporting.

Complete the form to begin submitting reports

You do not need to be a member of STIM to report music. Any musician who plays live music is welcome to submit set lists.
NOTE:You must complete the form even if you already have access to STIM's other web services. When we have received your data, we will add the "music reporting" service to your other services.