You can log in to My Pages to register your music, i.e. report a composition. When it comes to music commissioned for a film production, we recommend that you combine all your compositions into one during production for registering with STIM. Name this composition after the title of the TV production. Remember to work out the length of the combined composition so that you specify the total length when registering the work. You must tell the production company what your combined composition is called.

You do not need to follow the example above – what is important is that you and the production company use the same names. If instead you choose to register pieces of music as separate compositions and give unique titles to each composition, it is important that the production company receive exactly the same information from you. This facilitates the entire process and makes it easier for STIM to see the compositions for which we need to provide payment.

When the music is to be used in other contexts, e.g. on a soundtrack, you can re-report the compositions in question to STIM.