Nyhet4 April 2024
STIM's mobile app lets you control your royalties. Now, we have released a new feature - for the first time, you have full access to your total STIM income for the last ten years, all presented in a simple view!

What is the monetary value of your songs? It is a difficult question to answer due to the neverending challenge to keep track of the many music sources that the industry provides. May it be streaming, live music, TV networks, or radio plays, to name a few.

STIM makes it all a little easier by tracking your income from hundreds of digital platforms and other music sources globally - and gathering them under the same roof. The new app feature “Total Income” gives insight into what your songs have collected since 2013. See all your monies from the United Kingdom or Germany for a specific month or year - or if radio or streaming earned you the most in 2018. And maybe just cut to the chase and find out the big one: which of your works is most commercially successful in the last ten years?

"It has never before been this easy to find out how much royalties your music collected. This insight is invaluable for your career progress and may inject you with confidence when negotiating for your songs since you understand the monetary value of your entire catalog", says Anton Waltari from the STIM team Writer Relations.

Try for yourself! Update or download the STIM app today via your app store.