STIM's mobile app

The STIM app is made for you ā€“ songwriter, lyricist, and composer. When you are affiliated with STIM, the mobile app is an essential tool for tracking your royalties.

The app is available for iPhone, Android devices, and Huawei phones and was developed with our songwriters. We simply want to understand and meet your needs to be able to make things easier for you. On this page, you can download the app, read more about the features and how to make the most of them.


We gather all your payments since 2013 in a simple overview. Click on a payment post to dig into the details and see the works that topped your list. Also, check out:

  • The music sources that collected the most royalties
  • The countries where you earned the most
  • Lots of details about your Swedish live shows

My works

All your registered works are visible in a complete list, easy to access wherever you are. Find specific works with the search feature, see the royalty splits, and a lot more.

  • Find work information fast and easy with the search feature
  • Easy to locate work keys and your co-writers' IPI number
  • Full display of royalty splits

Total income

Get insights about how much royalties your music collected since 2013. Look at your income from Germany or the United States or if streaming or radio plays earned you the most in 2018. Maybe you'd like to go straight to the point and learn which of your songs was the most commercially successful ever.

Accessible graphs visualize your total income in various ways and give you new findings about your songs. Hundreds of platforms and broadcast networks with specifics for over ten years gathered under the same roof.

News from STIM

There is a lot to learn and to keep track of in the music business. Follow our news feed in the app to stay on top of things, with updates about the music industry and handy tips for you as a STIM writer.