Nyhet7 March 2016
Two months after its launch, InternetWorld has ranked the new Stim.se as the number one website for organizations in Sweden. Now we're working on making it even better.

- We have worked hard to improve the user experience at Stim.se regardless of which target group you belong to. The daily contact with STIM should be as simple as possible, says Robert Gehring, Head of Service.

New Stim.se launched in late January - but is actually not fully developed. Although the site is now named Sweden's best, it will be even better, Robert Gehring promises:

- We working on the Web services available in My pages to improve our service further. For rights holders and customers, it will be easier to monitor and administer their affairs with Stim.

Stim hired Web agency Stockholm Connection for the task of renewing Stim.se. The focus has always been to increase the level of service to both music creators and customers, and to clarify STIM's mission and purpose.