Nyhet17 March 2020
The challenges arising from the spreading of the Corona virus are great. Our society is affected in its entirety and the consequences will be devastating in many cases.

Cancelled concerts, festivals, performances and exhibitions – the results are both fast and hard hitting in a sector that does not have a large surplus to rely upon.

The exact consequences that the pandemic will have on members with income via Stim is difficult to predict at this time, but it’s safe to say that they will be affected.

When live events are cancelled, the income of songwriters and composers is affected. Organizers will in many cases try to postpone concerts, but all in all there will be fewer opportunities to perform live. And when, for example, the hotel industry is ground to a halt and fitness chains are staying closed, it affects the amount of music being played and in the end the creators of it.

We at Stim are paying close attention to the situation, and we are cooperating widely in both the music industry and within the cultural sector to create political awareness of the situation. KLYS is the unifying organization for cultural creators, where music creators are represented by SKAP and FST. They have penned a proposal to the Swedish Government with measures to alleviate the impact of the Corona crisis on creators, which will serve both cultural and labor market priorities. 

Like many other businesses, we at Stim have chosen to close our office (as well as Stim Music Room) in Stockholm. However, the business continues as usual and our ambition is that neither service nor processing times should be affected. There are also upcoming payments, which will follow the usual planning.

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions and thoughts.

Thank you for your cooperation – take care.

Karsten Dyhrberg Nielsen, CEO Stim