Nyhet29 September 2017
New terms and conditions for affiliation to STIM, with effect from 1 October 2017, were approved by STIM's Annual General Meeting. No action, however, is required of present affiliates and voting members as the new terms automatically supersede existing affiliation contracts and voting members' agreements. Here follows some of the changes.

What is new?

The new regulations are based on the old affiliation contract and now provide a much clearer picture of which rights are managed by STIM, which obligations exist for a STIM affilate and how the management assignment functions. There are also some completely new aspects:

The terms "affiliate" and "voting member" are described more clearly

In the new terms and conditions STIM has clarified the difference between being an affiliated member and being a voting member. The terms covering affiliation are stated in the general terms and conditions where as the terms covering voting members are found in STIM's statutes.

As an "affiliate" one has entrusted to STIM a management assignment whereby STIM has a duty to issue licences to music users who use the affiliates music and collect, allocate and pay out royalties from the licences. As a "voting member" in STIM, besides being affiliated, you also have voting rights at the society's general assemblies. 

Clearer description regarding reduced management assignments

STIM already provides the opportunity for affiliates to limit the extent of the rights in their management assignment to STIM. The new terms make it clear that the affiliate has the right to both reduce and expand the scope of the management assignment during their affiliation and which rules are applicable.

Direct licensing of non-profit usage

As of 1 January 2018, STIM affiliates who have assigned the administration of their rights may also grant permission directly to music users for the usage of their works in circumstances where the usage is non-profit. The applicable guidelines are available on stim.se/new-terms.

STIM affiliates who do not wish to accept the new terms may terminate their affiliation with one month's notice, provided that notice of termination is sent no later than 1 November 2017. After the 1 november 2017 the normal requirement of 6 months notice will apply. Termination of affiliation will also cancel membership for voting members.