Beslutade projekt

This page is a summary of projects supported by SPN since 2018.


How new music is created

The purpose of the project has been to increase the Swedish secondary education's (Gymnasiet) understanding of contemporary music and to inspire music creation by giving the students a insights in the composition process and the collaboration between composer and musician. 

Swedish music to the gymnasium 2018 (KMA)

Through the project, SPN has contributed to presenting contemporary art music repertoire for students at the country's top gymnasiums. This is carried out through seminars, where fellow students of the Royal Music Academy visited a number of schools. The project has also donated note material to the schools musical library.

Composer of the year at the  Folk and World Music Gala 2018

SPN has established a prize category on the Folk & World Music Gala. This is a long-term, attitude-influencing work aimed at highlighting the authors in a genre where these are far too invisible.

Sweden / UK Urban Music Exchange

As part of a SPN initiative in Britain, a Swedish-British songwriter camp is being held for authors in the music areas that are commonly labeled urban.


Huddersfield Festival 2018

The Swedish initiative at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (HCMF) is entering its second year of the three agreements agreed to so far. The focus is on presenting new Swedish music for the international music industry at one of the most important festivals of contemporary art music.

Documentation of Svensk Musikvår 2018

SPN contributed to the fact that all concerts during the festival received high-quality audio and video documentation for publication in digital channels.

Polarlichter II

The project was part of SPN's initiative in spreading Swedish choir music in Germany.