Support to music creators

STIM contributes to a diverse Swedish cultural life, through scholarships and support for copyright-protected music projects.

STIM actively promotes musical diversity and copyright and contributes to a diverse Swedish cultural life through scholarships, support for music projects and funding of activities promoting copyright.

This support is carried out by an independent board that was established in 2017. The board decides which services Stim will finance and also the level of financial support.

This support comes in many different forms; it can be the promotion of musical diversity through, for example, scholarships, notary support or travel contributions, but also funding services such as education and copyright enforcement.

Funds are not allocated to organizations, but to so-called SKU services - services considered by the Board to fall within the framework of social, cultural and educational purposes. The services that the Board allocates funds to may be performed by Stim, or by other service providers such as the STIM associated associations FST, SKAP and Musikförläggarna or the industry-wide organization Export Music Sweden.

Stims board for the promotion of musical diversity and copyright
Eva Schöld, chairman (2021)
Maria Carlén, substitute (2021)
Kerstin Brunnberg, regular (2020)
Sara Norell, substitute (2020)
Jonas Forssell, regular (2021)
Ida Lundén, substitute, nominated by FST (2021)
Håkan Glänte, regular (2020)
Ana Diaz, substitute, nominated by SKAP (2020)
Mats Bernerstedt, regular (2021)
Hans Desmond, substitute, nominated by Musikförläggarna (2021)

Examples of services that the Stim board for promoting musical diversity and copyright supports


STIM anually allocates 3 percent of the Swedish earnings for STIM scholarships. All members can apply for the scholarship. Read more about scholarships.

STIM Council for the Promotion of Swedish Music

The STIM Council for the Promotion of Swedish Music promotes new Swedish music and provides the necessary conditions for future creativity in the field of music. Learn more about their work.

Svensk Musik

Svensk Musik is a STIM subsidiary with the task to document and inform about copyright-protected Swedish music. Read more about Svensk Musik.