If you are not satisfied with STIM

STIM aims to always correct errors and solve problems at the earliest possible opportunity. If you are a music creator, music publisher or user of musical works and have either identified an error or mishandling on STIM´s part, your first action should be to contact STIM's Service Department.

The easiest way to reach us is to use the contact form at stim.se.

You may also contact us by e-mail or by phone.

If you would like to submit a complaint, you will be asked to provide this information:

  • Name and Personal/Corporate Identity Number
  • What you believe is wrong and why
  • What kind of correction you envisage

We also ask you to attach documentation to support your claim.

Compensation Claims (regarding settlement)

If you are a creator or publisher of musical works and believe that there is an error with your settlement, you can (are able to) submit a compensation claim using the claim form on STIM's My Pages web service. You must be logged in to access the form. Read more about detailed instructions for the process and the full STIM policy for complaints on settlement.

Processing Time

STIM responds to all received complaints and claims in writing and, if a complaint or claim is rejected, provides a written motivation (for its decision). STIM's ambition is to respond to all cases within three days. Each case is assessed on its own conditions and, consequently, cases that are more complex may require more time to process.


If you are not satisfied with STIM's assessment of your complaint or claim, you are entitled to request a review of the decision. We must receive your written request no later than three weeks after you are informed of the decision. You can email STIM at [email protected] (music creators or music publishers) or at [email protected] (music users).

Alternatively, written requests can be sent to:

Box 17092
SE-104 62 Stockholm

Dispute Resolution And Supervisory Body

You are always able to refer a dispute with STIM to the general courts, unless otherwise stipulated in you contract with STIM.

Disputes relating to the interpretation and application of STIM's distribution rules shall, in the first instance, be referred to settlement by a special assessment panel, with the composition stated in Article 7 of STIM's distribution rules.

You are also able to refer your case to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office, which is the supervisory body with authority over STIM, in the event that you consider STIM to have failed in its obligations under the Act on Collective Management of Copyright.

Last modified 30 November 2016.