Prices and special terms and conditions for Live Music

On this page we present STIM's prices for using Live music, along with our terms and conditions.

Terms where the initial letters of each word are in upper case shall have the meaning specified in the General Terms & Conditions.

License for Live music

STIM's license for live music is divided into thre different categories as listed below. Click on each headline to read more.

Special terms and conidtions

Reporting use of music

The Licensee must undertake Music Use Reporting as detailed in the General Terms & Conditions. The obligation to undertake Music Use Reporting always applies when Music is performed by artists who are not resident in Sweden and when classical music is performed (orchestral music, chamber music, etc.). The Licensee is also liable to undertake Music Use Reporting for Music performed by Swedish artists at STIM’s request in the cases specified below.

Pop music, jazz and folk music performed by Swedish artists is normally reported by the artists, their representative or by STIM, in which case the Licensee is not liable to submit an additional summary unless STIM specifically requests it.


If STIM so requests, the Licensee is liable to provide Prior Notification. STIM is entitled to make visits. For more information, please refer to the General Terms & Conditions.