Prices and special terms and conditions for Live Music

On this page we present STIM's prices for using Live music, along with our terms and conditions.

Terms where the initial letters of each word are in upper case shall have the meaning specified in the General Terms & Conditions.

License for Live music

STIM's license for live music is divided into thre different categories as listed below. Click on each headline to read more.

Special terms and conidtions

Music reporting of performed Music

The Licensee shall submit Music reporting in accordance with the rules laid out in the General terms and conditions. The obligation to submit Music reporting always applies when Music is performed by artists who do not live in Sweden and at performances of classical music (orchestral music, chamber music etc.). The Licensee is also required to submit Music reporting of Music performed by Swedish artists at the request of Stim in the cases presented below.


Popular music, jazz and folk music performed by Swedish artists are ordinarily Music-reported by the artists, their agents, or by Stim and in this case, the Licensee has no obligation to submit a further summary as long as Stim has not requested it.


Advance notice

If Stim requests, the Licensee is required to notify Stim of planned events in advance. Notification must be provided seven calendar days before the planned event and include the date, venue and city. For Live music, names of the artists who will appear must also be included.



Stim has the right to attend events for the purpose of checking that the Licensee has submitted accurate information on Reporting and Music reporting. Stim is to provide notification of attendance in advance and the Licensee is to provide two free entry tickets.


Usage of premises and responsible organizer

If a Licensee allow the use of their premises to a third party who uses Music in a way that triggers a license obligation (a so-called responsible organizer), the responsible organizer must normally sign a license and undertake the obligations that arise as a result. The Licensee shall notify STIM that the responsible organizer has used the premises and specify the date on which the usage took place. The Licensee must also inform the responsible organizer that the responsible organizer may need to sign a License with Stim and undertake the obligations that arise as a result. If the responsible organizer does not sign a license when required, the Licensee may be considered responsible for the use of Music.


Responsible coordinator refers primarily to the individual with permission according to the ordinance or permission for the sale of food or alcohol at the location. It refers secondarily to the owner of the records in which ticket sales will be reported. Independent ticket agents are not considered responsible coordinator if the majority of revenue from ticket sales will be credited to someone else. At events requiring an entrance fee, the individual responsible for financial reporting for the majority of the costs is considered Responsible coordinator.


For additional terms and conditions, see the General terms and conditions.