Nyhet20 February 2014
Kenth Muldin steps down as STIM CEO. The decision was made together with the STIM Board of Directors on Wednesday and is effective immediately.

Kenth Muldin, who has been STIM's CEO since 2003, and prior to that Chief Legal Officer and Deputy CEO, has been a driving force behind developing STIM into one of Europe’s most modern performing rights societies.

“Kenth Muldin is the architect behind the modern STIM and has provided STIM with international collaborations not previously available to the organisation. I am grateful that such a brilliant person as Kenth Muldin served STIM for such a long period and at the same time I am looking forward to preparing STIM for new challenges,” says Kjell-Åke Hamrén, Chairperson of the Board of STIM.

For more information
Kjell-Åke Hamrén, Chairperson STIM, +46 70 620 64 44
Alfons Karabuda, Deputy Chairperson STIM, +46 70 783 88 23 or +46 707833125