Heirs of music rights and STIM royalties

The heirs of a deceased music creator have the right to collect royalties for 70 years after the year of the death. Read more about how it works when inheriting music rights.

A songwriter, composer, or author has the legal right to collect royalties when his music is played publically. If the creator is affiliated with STIM, this compensation is paid out from us. The Copyright Act also gives the right to collect royalties for 70 years after the creator deceases. Read more about how STIM works.

Heirs are listed in the estate inventory

When a creator is deceased, we need to receive documentation explaining who will inherit the person. By that, the STIM royalties will end up with the right persons.

I am one of the heirs – what do I need to do?

As an heir to a music creator affiliated with STIM, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have a copy of the estate inventory.
  2. Send the copy to STIM, along with our form Changing Legal Heir.
  3. If you have a testament or any other important documents relating to STIM revenues, these need to be included.
  4. Wait for our confirmation that we have registered the information.

The estate inventory and other documents need to be sent to:

Member Services
Box 17092
104 62 Stockholm

Please, contact our Member Services if you have any questions.

Changing Legal Heir

Fill in and sign the document for legal heirs

Representative for the beneficiaries

If you act as a representative, please send us a power of attorney.

The Swedish Tax Agency

More information is avaible at the Swedish Tax Ageny.