Music in restaurants, cafés and bars

Music is a wonderful tool for creating the right mood and atmosphere. Music can help you attract new customers and make them want to come back.

To play music to your guests you need a music licence from STIM . This applies regardless if you play music streaming from the internet, from a radio, CD player, hard drive or any other type of music source - or if you have a TV on the premises. The person who runs the business is responsible for obtaining the licence.

Where does the money go?

The money we collect from licensees is individually distributed to the music creators and music publishers. STIM is owned by the right holders and operates with support of the Swedish copyright legislation

How much is it?

We calculate the fee for your music use based on the number of seats you have and the number of days your establishment is open. Please contact us to find out what the STIM fee would be for your business.


Other music usage

If you occasionally have live music, DJs, dance or karaoke so you need to extend your license to cover this. Prices and conditions can be found here.