Disco, dancing, karaoke and bar-dj's

Music is an obvious feature at night clubs. Your guests come to the night club to have fun. You might offer karaoke, live performances or musical entertainment from a DJ. Whatever the case – music makes us feel good.

No matter if your night club can accommodate hundreds of dancing guests or fifty confirmed music lovers, STIM can help you get started with a music licence that matches your music use. The person who runs the business is responsible for obtaining the licence.

Where does the money go?

The money we collect from licensees is individually distributed to the music creators and music publishers. STIM is owned by the right holders and operates with support of the Swedish copyright legislation

How much is it?

The STIM fee is calculated based on entrance proceeds and the number of visitors per occasion. As an example, for a nightclub with a cover charge over 100 SEK, the fee is 3.38 SEK per visitor.