Nyhet12 May 2022
The video platform TikTok is a global phenomenon where music is vital. After lengthy negotiations, STIM’s songwriters and music publishers finally get the first TikTok monies in May.

For a long time, we at STIM have made a big effort to make sure that music creators get paid for the enormous amount of music thats is used on TikTok. After several years of hard work, we sealed the deal - and now for the first time, we pay out TikTok royalties to our rightsholders in May 2022.

- TikTok is a fantastic service and its success depends on the music. Therefore, it’s only natural that the music creators have a share of TikTok’s profit. STIM's deal displays the power of music but also illustrates the importance of our assignment: we negotiate strong license agreements with all platforms that spread music, to make sure that songwriters and publishers get paid for their work so they may keep creating, says STIM CEO, Casper Bjørner.

STIM is one of the first copyright societies globally that pays royalties from TikTok. The deal is signed via STIM’s licensing hub, ICE Services, and is part of our powerful direct licensing package. By collecting music rights from several rightsholder organizations in ICE, we create economies of scale – from the first negotiations and all the way to the payments to songwriters and publishers.