Nyhet25 November 2014

1.5 new, healthy SEK billion to the music industry in four years! Since the association Musiksverige published its first report "The music industry in numbers 2010" the industry's turnover has increased by 25 percent. Recently Musiksverige presented the fourth report, which shows statistics from 2013.

- We should still be aware of that a lot of money stays abroad - for example there are a number of Swedish songwriters and artists who have companies registered in the US, says Linda Portnoff, Acting Head of Musiksverige.

The report shows both revenues from recorded music, concerts and copyright revenue. And all three areas has experienced steady growth over the past four years.

- Still, there is potential for even greater revenue if the decision makers wanted to focus more on the music industry, which actually has achieved success on its own so far. When discussing export, we often talk about heavy industry while music is perhaps Sweden's largest export commodity and competitive advantage. As consumers, we get more and more time and money, and there is a potential for politicians and businesses want to invest, says Linda Portnoff.