Nyhet18 October 2022
STIM is one of the world’s leading performing rights societies regarding royalties from streaming services. In today’s payment, we distribute royalties for Instagram and Facebook to more STIM writers than ever.

Throughout history, we have never seen music being used in such a variety of places as today. The growth is probably most visible in social media, where songs are vital for the user experience. We at STIM work very hard to increase the value of music, and we want to ensure that the people behind the music get paid. To achieve this, our license deals with streaming services across the globe are key.

Our deal with Instagram and Facebook means that STIM-affiliated songwriters get paid for worldwide usage on these platforms. We always seek to improve the accuracy of each payment, which has led to today’s gratifying result – more songwriters getting paid.

"We are very proud of our deal with Instagram and Facebook. The increasing number of songwriters receiving royalties is so positive since it reflects the variety and diversity among our rightsholders even better," says STIM CEO Casper Bjørner.