Nyhet23 February 2021
Thanks to the newly established company Cora Music, it will be possible for Stim-affiliated music to be consumed by the large and growing target audience of YouTubers. This is a new, unique service that offers a one-stop-shop and grants video creators full access to a selected repertoire of copyright music while retaining all rights to their films. This opens up an entire new market that offers songwriters and composers the chance to boost their income.

Media consumption is in a state of constant flux and YouTube is an increasingly large source of content and more important part of daily life – especially for the young. Over 40 per cent of Swedes between the ages of 9 and 79 years old use YouTube on a daily basis. More than 10,000 Swedes upload videos to YouTube on an ongoing basis with the aim of becoming professional influencers. However, the platform has been unable to offer it’s users a flexible solution in terms of music, which has meant that most creators have been confined to royalty-free music or quite simply posting videos without music at all. 

Until now when Stim has finally done something about this issue by taking the lead and becoming the first company globally to negotiate a simple full-package solution that includes all rights. The wholly-owned Stim subsidiary Cora Music offers a brand new product that allows YouTubers to easily add music to their videos using their favourite songs without any compromise or arduous administrative requirements. By subscribing to Cora Music, users gain access to an extensive catalogue of music featuring nothing but favourites – and it goes without saying that royalties are paid to the music creators.

– We have to be responsive and curious about every way a music creator can reach thier audience. Cora Music has been developed to make it easier for Youtubers to easily access an attractive catalog of music whilst ensuring that our affiliate rights holders get paid for their music, says Carina Brorman, Chairman of the Board at Stim.

Mårten Aglander is the CEO of Playground Music, one of the labels whose recordings will be available via the service. Tell us about what this means to you as the head of a record label?

– We’ve been aware in the music industry of the fact that there is a hole in the market in relation to music on YouTube for a long time. When Stim got in touch about this idea it just felt right. Now we can finally reach a new audience with our music. It’s a win-win since the range of top quality music available to YouTube creators will increase considerably, while our artists and copyright holders will benefit from a new revenue stream.

How has the record label industry responded to the new initiative driven by Stim?

– Very positively. Ensuring that there is strong protection for our music is the be all and end all for us, but we also want it to be straightforward for people who want to do the right thing to use our copyright music. Solutions like this are needed.

Malte Andreasson is the CEO of the brand new company Cora Music and previously launched and ran the biggest YouTube network in Scandinavia in the shape of United Screens. Why have you taken on the reins at Cora Music, and why do you believe in this concept?

– This is a product that is really needed. These days, YouTube is a very important feature in the media landscape. People under 40 watch more content on YouTube than on traditional broadcast television, and the video creators want access to the best possible music. Music creates atmospheres and emotions and is an essential part of the viewer experience. The video creators know this – but at present there’s no reasonable route for them to access licensed, copyright music. We’re creating that pathway. Good music for video producers and royalties for music creators. That’s what we want.


Question and answers about Cora Music

Which music is available via Cora Music?
All kinds of music. The music available via Cora Music is designed to be synchronised with video content, and the service is intended to be as attractive as possible – so all genres, all tempos, all forms of instrumentation, all moods and all age groups will be supported.
Cora Music has licensed and packaged a range of different rights so that users don’t have to worry about this.

Are Cora Music subscriptions available to anyone?
Yes, the service is open to all creators around the world. This is a unique product that allows anyone to combine well-known songs with their own content. The service will initially only cover YouTube content.

Which songs are available via the service?
We’re working to ensure we have the best possible, most comprehensive range we can. This will include high quality music and songs that people are familiar with. We will be announcing exactly which songs will be included at a later date this spring in connection with our launch.

I’m a music creator – how do I ensure that I’m included in the catalogue?
If you’re songs are published then it’s essential that you engage with your publisher to ensure that your music is added to Cora Music.
If you own your own recordings then you’re welcome to get in touch with us, while if the rights to your recordings are owned by a record label then they should contact us. You can find the contact details here.

Can I use the music from Cora Music in advertising?  
No. Use for advertising is not included in the license. If you want to use the music in advertising, you need a license from the label and publisher.

When are the launch and how much will it cost?
The service will officially launch during Q2 2021 and we will be announcing further details about pricing at a later date.