Nyhet21 February 2018
Through its international subsidiary ICE, STIM has entered into an agreement with Facebook. It is Facebook's first multi-territorial music license and an important milestone to ensure that STIM members will receive compensation when their music is used.

The agreement applies to Facebook, Instagram, Oculus and Messenger and covers over 160 territories with over 290,000 rights holders, of which approximately 85,000 are STIM members. The agreement is valid until 31 March 2020.

"This is a success for both music makers and music consumers and an important step towards a sustainable digital music market. The music gives platforms like Facebook a great value, and it is important that the value also comes to those who created the music", says Peter Lindström, head of the Members & Market department at STIM.

Facebook users will be able to add music from a catalogue of millions of works, and use it in videos that they create and share. For the rights-holders, the license agreement entails an important recognition of copyright legitimacy and continued importance in a digital music world. ICE will work together with Facebook with the ongoing development of a music reporting system. ICE currently has over 40 online licenses with some of the largest streaming services and has distributed revenue of over 300 million EUR to rights holders since 2016.

"This also shows the strength of ICE, where Stim has merged with our sister organizations, British PRS and German GEMA, in order to represent the music creators in the best way and to make sure they get paid for their music," says Peter Lindström.

Facebook and other social media have played a very important role in the digitalization that has revolutionized music consumption in recent years. The legislation governing music use on online platforms is outdated and the EU Commission has proposed modernized rules.

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