Agreement between ICE and Facebook - questions and answers

Through its international subsidiary ICE, Stim has entered into an agreement with Facebook. Here are a number of questions and answers.

What does the agreement between ICE and Facebook entail?
Through its international subsidiary ICE, STIM has reached an agreement regarding music use with Facebook. This means that Stim members will receive payment for the music used on Facebook's platforms.

What is ICE?
ICE is an international collaboration for online licensing with parent organisations PRS for Music, STIM and GEMA. The intention is to represent our music creators in the best way and make sure they get paid for their music.

What is the duration of the agreement?
The agreement is valid to March 31, 2020.

What geographical area does the license cover?
Essentially all EU countries (including Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland) but also Africa and the Middle East.

What are the terms of the agreement regarding compensation?
All agreements are confidential and we are unfortunately unable to provide any information about it.

Why are the terms of the agreement with Facebook confidential?
We operate in an international, commercial and competitive market. This means that in many cases we cannot express our contractual negotiations and partnerships because of legal and commercial reasons. In this case, contractual terms are classified as business secrets, which is a practice in this type of context. We have a confidentiality agreement with Facebook, which means that we are unable to comment on any details regarding the agreement.

How will you distribute the compensation?
ICE will work together with Facebook to develop their reporting systems and it is expected to be able to deliver data by the end of 2018. Exactly how the distribution will take place is currently not clear.

What does "music usage" on Facebook mean - what generates compensation?
Through this agreement, Facebook is able to use music in a variety of ways on its various platforms. Some of these uses are already available, but others will be launched by Facebook in the future. 

Do videos that have the sound off generate compensation?
The compensation agreement is not affected by the "muting" function - that is, if the audio is switched off.

When will payments be carried out?
This remains to be announced.

Is it Stim, ICE or Facebook that will be carrying out the payments? 
Payment is made via Stim.

What services are covered by the agreement? 
The agreement applies to Facebook (including live streaming), Instagram (including live streaming), Oculus (including live streaming to other Oculus devices) and Messenger.

What is an ICE Core license?
An ICE core license is a license for online services, DSPs (Digital Service Providers) that require multi territorial licenses - it currently covers Swedish STIM, British PRS and German GEMA repertoires, with the intention of extending the repertoire to other collection societies in the future.