Nyhet16 June 2020
Where was my music actually played? And what concerts did I get paid for? These are two of the many questions that our members keep asking. To be able to answer in a simple and transparent fashion, we have been hard at work developing our web services.

Stim is about to launch a brand new feature on My Pages which lets you analyze your payments in a entirely new way. This means that we will gradually leave the reality of PDF:s behind us and move towards a fully interactive way of understanding your payments. Our ambition is to offer clarity and simplicity at he same time.

You can click on individual songs, see where the money is coming from in the payout, which countries you have received compensation from - and of course, see what particular live shows you have been paid for. We call this service "My Stim Money".

The new service is released as a beta version on My pages for all Stim affiliated music creators on June 17th. We open it as a beta so you'll have the chance to test it out and see how it works. The development will then continue in dialogue with our users, and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Share your thoughts to [email protected] and log in to My pages to learn more.

No access?

This is a service under development and for various reasons everyone has not yet been granted access. If you belong to this group and are curious, please contact [email protected]. Otherwise just wait, it will be made available to you in a later stage of development.