Nyhet8 April 2021
All live shows that took place before 2020 needed to be reported to Stim before the end of last year. We are happy, however, to let you know of a new chance to report shows from 2019 where the setlist is missing, with the possibility of Stim royalties being paid out already this June.

As you are well aware of, we are experiencing the terrible Covid-19 pandemic which strikes hard on creators, and thus Stim try to make things easier economically for our rights-holders in any way we can. Just recently, we have identified a number of live performances from 2019, where the licensed customer have already paid the fee for the arrangement, but the setlist is still missing.

The band or artist which performed the music now see a renewed opportunity to report these shows to Stim. By doing so, the music creators that had their songs played will see extra royalties in one of Stim’s upcoming payments.

  • Send us the setlist by April 18th at the latest, to get monies in our June payment
  • Send us the setlist by May 31st at the latest, to get monies in our September payment

How do I find out if setlists are missing for my live performances in 2019?

  1. Log in to My Pages and click on ”Report music”.
  2. If you have performances listed in red, saying “royalties collected”, you should prioritize them when reporting.
  3. Choose the live show you want to report for and pick one of your pre-saved setlists, or create a new.
  4. Remember to send the report when finished. The show will than go from red to green and moved to “submitted reports”.

Please note! You may only report for 2019 shows with the status ”royalties collected”. It is not possible to manually create a report for a 2019 date.

If you have never reported music to Stim you need to act soon

If you click on “Report Music” when logged in, but do not see an artist to report for, you are not able to immediately see if you have live shows with collected royalties. Instead, you need to click on “Add artist” to get access. This request is handled by Stim personal and may take a few working days to complete. Please make sure to log in to My Pages as soon as you can to make sure you have enough time to complete your reports before the mentioned deadlines.

If you want to report a 2019 performance but never logged in, get your My Pages access here.

The ordinary Stim routines apply, of course, where the need to register your works should always be top of mind. All works registered during April and May will get their royalties in our September payment.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our member support.