Nyhet25 March 2022
STIM and the international copyright societies strongly condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with and express our full support for the Ukrainian people, creators, and the cultural sector.

Due to the invasion, STIM is stopping all payments to the Russian copyright society RAO with immediate effect. We are also following the international sanctions that Sweden and the EU have in place.

The international copyright societies have also taken several initiatives to support and help Ukraine and the refugees:

Creators for Ukraine - a support fund for humanitarian aid inside and outside Ukraine, and support for Ukrainian creators and copyright societies.

An international collection of names from international creators, where you, as a music creator, can sign and show your support.

Songs for Ukraine - an initiative to show solidarity and support for Ukrainian creators by spreading Ukrainian music and sharing their favorite songs under the hashtag #songsforukraine. At the same time, they help Ukrainian music creators by increasing their royalties. See one of the Ukrainian music playlists here.