Nyhet18 May 2015
Starting June 1 NCB is launching a new licensing model for synchronization, which is the use of music in film and television productions. The model is the same for the entire Nordic region and contains flat rates and routines regarding direct licencing.

The same flat rates will now be applied by NCB for international as well as Nordic music used in television programmes, school projects, and for example, short films and documentaries that are not intended for commercial distribution. This will make it simpler for production companies to budget their music costs and easier for rights holders to estimate royalty payments from NCB.

Note that the new model only pertains to existing music. The division of responsibility between NCB and the rights holders includes that the rights holders should license the use of music in commercials, feature films and other productions for commercial distribution, such as cinema releases, but an important part of the agreement between NCB, authors and music publishers was that NCB should also have the capacity to service the rights holders who do not want to negotiate with advertising and film producers.