Nyhet28 June 2018
Right now there is intensive political work in the EU around the copyright directive, which aims to give creators both better control over their works and the opportunity to receive proper remuneration. See the film here below where Max Martin and Shellback stand up for the EU proposition.


During recent years social media platforms have become a popular way to access music and other creative works. This has great advantages as it allows creators to share their works far more widely than ever before. However, there is one big problem, and that is creators are not being rewarded fairly for their contribution, despite the importance of these services in the digital market place. The explanation is the existence of a legal loophole that effectively hinders creators from earning a living from their work. Additionally, the weakness in the law also threatens the sustainability of the whole creative sector by distorting the market for legitimate online businesses.

Creators from across the EU, whether songwriters, film writers or visual artists etc., are all joining together to make their voices heard to ensure that EU legislation will provide them with the necessary legal framework to be able to make a living from their work. More than 32,000 of them have signed a petition in support of the proposal.  


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