Nyhet25 September 2020
From 1 January 2021, we will shorten the period for music reporting in order to allow a faster flow in our live payments.

The change means a shorter window of opportunity to report your live show. You will still have plenty of time, the new rules allow you to submit reports from the date the concert is held until December 31 of the year after the it took place.

As the new rules are applied from the turn of the year, we want everyone that have concerts to report that took place between 2017-2019 to do so as soon as possible, and no later than 31/12 2020. If you are unsure, you can always go to My Pages where you can see which concerts that have not yet been reported.

- We are making this change because we want to make live music payments as quickly as possible. A prerequisite for us to be able to do this is that we receive the music reports as soon as possible after the performance. We have noticed that the longer the time passes, the greater the risk that the music report will be forgotten and our hope is that the shortened reporting period encourages you to send in the documentation faster, which allows us to distribute the live money, says Emma Ericsson-Broms who is Manager for live and administration at STIM.

The new reporting period does not affect the complaint period for the live area. It will also continue to be three years and will start running from the last payment date for the period when the performance took place.