Nyhet13 June 2014

NCB's board has appointed Håkan Hildingsson (presently Market Director at NCB) new interim CEO at NCB as the present CEO, Karsten Dyhrberg Nielsen, was recently appointed CEO at STIM.

Long-term strategy needed

"There is a need for a long-term strategy for NCB to be defined, and this need has not become less important after Karsten announced his resigna- tion. The aim for NCB s board – in cooperation with Håkan and the rest of the management group at NCB – is to prepare the strategy during the se- cond half of 2014. When the strategy has been defined and approved, we will make a final decision on who is going to be the future CEO of NCB,” says Anders Lassen, chairman of NCB’s board.

Karsten Dyhrberg Nie sen looks forward to cooperating with Håkan and NCB: “I’m very pleased that there is such a strong management in NCB that we are able to find an in-house candidate that possesses the necessary qualifications to continue the strategy work that we initiated almost a year ago. I am very much looking forward to working toge her with Håkan and NCB’s board members on the drafting of a plan for a stable NCB that is structured to meet future requirements and in that way can solve important tasks for the Nordic rights holders.”

For more information

Please contact Ulrich Jensen, Communications Consultant, NCB tel: (+45) 33 36 87 65, [email protected]

About NCB

NCB - Nordisk Copyright Bureau - is a Nordic society that in collaboration with affiliated societies all over the world manages the recording and copy- ing rights in music on CD, DVD, film, video, the internet etc. for composers, lyricists and music publishers.

NCB's head office is in Copenhagen. NCB's territory of administration covers all Nordic and Baltic countries.