Nyhet25 September 2017
Swedish copyright associations STIM and SAMI continue their mission to draw attention to the value of real music. After Eurodance phenomenon E-Type and Swedish sleaze rockers Backyard Babies, the turn has now come to the Swedish 90’s wonder The Cardigans and their hit song My Favourite Game. The sound effects in the video are produced by the man behind the musicless music video phenomenon himself: Mario Wienerroither.

”I’m a huge fan of The Cardigans and especially Nina Persson, so this was a particularly fun assignment. A campaign to highlight the value of real music is highly logical – music and audio is my profession, and I know that to invoke real emotions, music with a real creator is always the better option. It may seem cheaper and easier to choose royalty free music for a commercial or project. But then you lose the possibility of letting the music underscore and grow with the images it is supposed to illustrate,” Mario Wienerroither says.

Musicless music videos were born when Mario Wienerroither decided to remove the music and instead add audio effects on popular music videos. The most well-known one is his version of David Bowie and Mick Jagger’s Dancing in the Street. Now, he has done the same to one of Sweden’s greatest music exports – The Cardigans and their perhaps single biggest hit My Favourite Game.

”We launched the campaign called Real Music. Real Emotions this spring, to show the value of real music. Making conscious choices when it comes to music makes a big difference in customer experience and in sales. Plus, it contributes to a motivating job environment for employees,” says Peter Lindström, head of Members & Market at the Swedish Performing Rights Society (STIM).

The target audience for the campaign are companies playing music in their facilities: gyms, coffee shops, restaurants and stores. The objective is to increase awareness about the advantages of real music, as opposed to royalty-free music without a distinguishable creator.

”We know that an investment in music strengthens the brand, so the campaign of musicless music videos continues. To have the originator of the musicless music video phenomenon himself, Mario Wienerroither, produce the audio for this video is of course extra fun,” says Ann Rosenberg, head of Sales at Swedish Association for Artists and Musicians (SAMI).

Customers spend more and employees thrive when there is good and relevant music. According to a survey conducted by HUI Research and Soundtrack Your Brand in 2016, average sales in a restaurant chain increased 9.1 percent when brand-adjusted music was played. Correspondingly, 44 percent of those surveyed by Demoskop in 2011 say that they would leave a public location, store or the like if the ”wrong” music was played.

STIM and SAMI are using musicless music videos to show the part music plays in how we experience the world. The first video in the campaign was a musicless version of E-Type’s Eurodance anthem This is the Way, directed by Matt Broadley. Backyard Babies’ mega hit Minus Celsius was then subjected to the same treatment.

Reade more about ”Real Music. Real Emotions” on our campaign site www.riktigakanslor.se.