Nyhet12 August 2021
During the period 12 August – 12 September, all STIM affiliated authors and composers are welcome to apply for the Stim scholarship via a web form on 'My Pages'. In 2020 439 people received a share of over 7 million SEK.

– Part of Stim's mission to promote music is to pay attention to Swedish songwriters, composers, composers and writers. Through the scholarships, STIM contributes to regrowth and diversity in Swedish music life. Many songwriters, composers, and music publishers have been in a really tough spot during the pandemic, and we hope our scholarships can enable them to keep creating extraordinary music, says Peter Lindström, acting CEO of STIM.

The application for 2021 is open from August 12th until September 12th. After that, no applications can be submitted. Got any questions? Contact us by [email protected].

Mandatory samples

The purpose of Stim's scholarship is to stimulate the creation of music with high artistic quality. Choose works that you believe show precisely this. If you have previously received a scholarship, do not apply with the same work again.

Each composer applies individually, even if you have written the music together. Co-writers can apply provided that at least 50 % of the work is composed by Stim affiliated composers.

How is your application reviewed?

The applications are reviewed from the terms of artistic operation and quality that Stims board has set. The scholarship committee strives as far as possible for diversity and proliferation when it comes to artistic forms, age, gender and location. All applications are handled confidentially and made anonymous in the first stage of the review process.

Who reviews your application?

The decision as to who will receive a scholarship is made by the board of Stim upon suggestion by the committee, whose six members are set by Stim's board. The committee's decision cannot be appealed. The committee consists of experts who are professionally active in different parts of the field of music.

The scholarships are SEK 10,000, SEK 25,000 and SEK 50,000. The Stim scholarship is tax-exempt, so you do not need to include it in your tax return. You also do not need to explain to Stim how you use the scholarship.

The committee consists of:

Michaela Lundin



Pär Lindgren



Lisa Grotherus



Mattias Rodrick



Alina Devecerski



Frida Hyvönen




The scholarship has been granted since 1925. The applications are assessed on the basis of the rules for selection set by Stim's Board of Directors.

The Committee seeks diversity as far as possible in the recipients. All applications are anonymized in the first screening. A message about who is awarded the scholarship (which is 10 000 SEK, 25,000 SEK or 50,000 SEK) will be sent out in November.