Commissioned music

Music especially composed for a film, TV show, radio show or commercials is known as commissioned music, and is generally treated by STIM in the same way as other compositions.

  • You register your work in the same way as usual.
  • You receive royalties as usual when the piece is played in public.
  • You negotiate the synchronisation fee (NCB fee) at the same time you negotiate payment for the commission.

Your contract with the commissioning client, your customer

The contract with the film company or production company for commissioned music (for example background music, jingles, theme music and audio idents), mainly covers two points:

  • Your payment for the work carried out, which you receive immediately.
  • Your synchronisation fee which is paid via STIM/en/NCB, or directly to you, if you so request.

In both cases, it is up to you to negotiate with the commissioning client. 

There is a separate registration form which is completed jointly by the commissioning client and the composer. Both parties must sign the registration form, and several copies made. One copy should be sent to STIM/en/NCB, and the composer and commissioning client should each retain one copy.

You will find the NCB application for commissioned music here (only available in Swedish).

If you work with a music publisher, the publisher generally deals with the synchronisation fee agreement.

Music in advertising

If someone uses your music in a commercial, the person responsible must have permission - whether existing music is used or new music is commissioned.

Existing music

If existing music - music not commissioned especially for the commercial in question - is used, STIM/NCB will normally request information about the price directly from the rights holder(s) (the composer/lyricist/arranger and the  music publisher if any). As the rights holder, you decide whether you allow your work to be used in an advertising context. 

If you work with a music publisher, they usually deal with the practicalities on behalf of you.