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We stand up for your rights, in Sweden and around the world.

Next payment
18 February 2020

This is how it works


You start by joining STIM, either as a music creator or a publisher. Submit the application form online and complete your registration by sending in a signed copy of the contract.
If you have been affiliated for five years, and have received royalty payments for three years, you can apply to become a member and vote at STIM´s AGM.

Register your work

When we have reviewed and accepted your application, you can log in to My Pages. There you register your work, which is a prerequisite to get paid.

Report performances

STIM collects reports when your music is played on TV, Radio or via Streaming. If your music is performed live you have to report the music on My Pages

You get paid

When all parts are in place we have received money that kan be traced to your songs from the music users. Four times a year we do payments. Make sure that we have your account number in registered in My Pages .

Your rights as a music creator are split in two parts - economic rights and moral rights. When you join us, we will help you protect your economic rights.

We make sure that you get paid for your effort when your music is played in public, in Sweden and the rest of the world.

It is hard to stand up for your rights by yourself. Toghether with more than 85 000 other rights holders, we are strong.


The number of STIM affiliated songwriters who receive more than SEK 100 000 in foreign revenues is increasing. In 2014 it was 243.

We stand up for your rights

You as an individual music creator or your music publisher are/is entitled to payment when your music is played in public in Sweden and the rest of the world. You are also entitled to receive payment when the music is released on albums, streamed online, or used as part of a film soundtrack. At STIM we work on the basis of copyright law and uphold your rights as a music creator. We are a non-profit organization working to ensure that music creators and music publishers receive payment for their work. This is why all music publishers and anyone who has created or written music that has been released commercially should join STIM. This also applies if you have signed a contract with a music publisher, even if your music is not yet available to the public.