Full membership

Make your voice heard! Writers, composers and music publishers affiliated to STIM can also become full voting members of the Society. This gives you the right to attend and vote at STIM's annual general meeting (AGM), where important decisions on the future of STIM are made.

In order to apply for full membership with voting rights, you must be an active music creator, who has been affiliated to STIM for the last 5 years and received royalty paments during the last 3 years. The fee for full membership is a nominal 10 SEK. You become a full member of the collectively owned, Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrå u.p.a, STIM (Swedish Performing Right Society), by submitting a membership application. Your application is then considered for approval at the next Board Meeting, after which you will be asked to sign a full-membership agreement form.

Once the agreement is co-signed by STIM you will be a legitimate voting member. You will thereafter be called to members' meetings and receive annual reports and necessary background information for decision making. These documents will be sent to you together with notice to attend STIM's general meetings. 

Please send name, present membership details and your postal address to rostratt@stim.se and we shall send the application form to you.