Are you a composer, lyricist, arranger or music publisher? Then STIM is for you.

Anyone who has written a musical work that has been performed in public or published can join STIM. You can also join STIM if you have signed a publishing deal but your music has not yet been performed in public.

STIM helps you get the royalties you are entitled to

Anyone who writes music and lyrics is entitled to royalties when their music is performed in public or published on CD, DVD, or the equivalent.

Apply to join STIM

Are you a music publisher? If so, you can join STIM here.

There are many benefits to joining STIM

  • As a STIM member, you do not have to personally ensure you receive royalties when your music is played in public, as STIM does this for you – whether you work professionally in music or are an amateur. This lets you focus on the creative side of things.

  • Membership is free.
  • All royalties received by STIM go to our members, once costs have been deducted. This is because STIM is a non-profit organisation.

  • STIM does not charge an administration fee when you receive royalties for music performed outside of Sweden.

  • There's strength in numbers. It's difficult to stand up for your rights as an individual music creator, but being a member of STIM – along with more than 90,000 other members – obviously adds a lot of power to your argument.

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