Register your music

For you to get compensation when your music is played you have to register your songs with us. 

Register publication of an original work

Works are registered by logging into My Pages and completing the work report. Upon joining STIM, publishers receive login data to the "Report works" internet service.

Distribution rules for works

If the music publisher represents all of the work's authors, the publisher may receive a maximum of 33.33% of the work's financial remuneration for performing rights, according to STIM's standard distribution rules.
From 1 January 2006, the music publisher's share may be lower than 33.33%. The same applies to mechanical reproduction rights, with the exception of instrumental works or arrangements of public domain works where the publisher may receive a maximum of 50%.

If the Swedish publisher of an original work reaches an agreement with a foreign publisher, total remuneration to the music publisher may be a maximum of 50% for performing rights. A different agreement may be reached for mechanical reproduction rights.

See STIM's distribution rules for more information.