Pay per stream values for online and broadcasting in June 2019

When your music is played on radio and TV, you get reimbursement from STIM for every aired minute. For streaming services however, you will receive a fixed amount when your song has been played for at least 30 seconds.

The streaming values presented on this page relates to the STIM distriubution on 17th June, and streaming values for the Spotify Payment on 21st February 2019. The amount varies between the various radio stations, TV channels and streaming services. The major channels and services are listed below.


Spotify Premium: 1,20 öre for one stream

Spotify Family: 0,85 öre for one stream

Spotify Student: 0,44 öre for one stream

Spotify Free: 0,20 öre for one stream

Spotify Unlimited: 0,90 öre for one stream

The streaming value for Spotify is directly related to the Swedish version of the streaming service, and were valid for the STIM payment on 21st February 2019.

SVT1: 203,12 SEK per minute

SVT2: 67,99 SEK per minute

Barnkanalen: 20,40 SEK per minute

TV3: 43,47 SEK per minute

TV4: 217,45 SEK per minute

Kanal 5: 53,87 SEK per minute

TV6: 26,64 SEK per minute

Sjuan: 41,22 SEK per minute

Kanal 9: 18,61 SEK per minute

C More: 1,35 SEK per minute

Discovery: 10,54 SEK per minute

The amounts for TV were valid for the STIM payment on 17th June 2019.


P1: 83,62 SEK per minute

P2: 46,69 SEK per minute

P3: 54,18 SEK per minute

P4 riks: 54,95 SEK per minute

The amounts for Radio were valid for the STIM payment on 17th June 2019.